What is it? Launched in February, Melior is a Hackney-based social enterprise bringing jobs and opportunities to unemployed people who are visually impaired or have disabilities via its eco-friendly cleaning range.

Who’s behind it? Founder Diane Cheung, 44, a former marketing manager who felt inspired to take action after witnessing injustices against people with disabilities. “I know a job just isn’t a ‘job’, but a lifeline,” she tells Stylist Loves. “I was equally overwhelmed by the amount of waste and the amount of greenwashing happening all around us.”

Why you’ll love it: If there was any brand that could get you excited about making your bathroom mirror sparkle, we’d put our money on Melior. Meaning “better” in Latin, Melior looks to provide employment to some of the UK’s 1.1 million disabled people by creating a line of sustainable cleaning products. Thanks to the use of innovative bio-technology, all products are vegan and non-toxic with a zero waste focus. So far, the refillable collection includes an all purpose hero (£9.50), bathroom cleaner (£9.50), and stain remover (£9.50), with scope to develop a range of eco-friendly beauty products in the future. But that’s only the beginning. “Our next goal is to provide a better stage for young artists,” says Cheung. “For our next four collections, Melior will be giving four young creatives our labels as a canvas to showcase their talent.” Watch this space. meliorlondon.uk


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