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Are your products eco?

Yes. MELIOR's cleaning products harness the power of friendly bacteria and nature’s enzymes to create non-toxic and VOC free, fully biodegradable cleaning products that are free from harmful chemicals, kind to oceans and pet friendly. Our bottles and refills are also made from readily recyclable glass that can be returned and used again and again.

None of our eco cleaning labels carry the warning hazards you would find on a typical cleaning product - and most are pH7 so they are gentle on your skin, kind to fish but hard on grime and grease.

Our new powder-to-gel luxury hand wash products are also biodegradable and come in compostable packaging. Scented with pure essential oils and nourished with Aloe Vera, you'll soon be finding excuses to go to the bathroom. And they're made with vegan, natural plant based and biodegradable ingredients. We manage out the toxins and manage in the goodness.

None of our bottles carry the warning hazards you would find on atypical cleaning product.s MELIOR's All Purpose Cleaner and Stain Remover Hero are pH7 so they are gentle on your skin, kind to fish but hard on grime and grease.

Are your products biodegradable?

Our policy is that all MELIOR products are formulated with ingredients that are readily biodegradable. They’re also safe for aquatic life - something that can’t be said for all biodegradable products.

The green surfactants used in our eco leaner are biodegradable with and without the presence of oxygen; and meet the strict test standards of both OECD 301 and OECD 31. These are standards set by the OECD, an international renown organisation that works towards the prosperity, equality, opportunity and well-being for all.

Do you products contain quats?

No. Quats or quaternary ammonium compounds can be toxic if inhaled and are known to cause birth defects and are toxic to marine life if they enter waterways. They can be found in household cleaning products like disinfectant sprays, disinfectant wipes and toilet cleaners. But not everyone knows this. Examples of commonly found quats include:

Benzalkonium chloride (see Dettol)

Alkyl dimethyl benzyl ammonium chloride (see Kinn bathroom cleaner)

Alkyl dimethyl ethylbenzyl ammonium chloride

Didecyldimethylammonium chloride

What colouring or dyes do you use in your products? Are they plant based?

MELIOR uses vegan, food safe and natural ingredients, that fully comply with the strict biodegradability requirements of the EU eco label.

Are your products plant based?

Yes. Harnessing the power of nature is at the very heart of MELIOR products, and plants are at the very root of this.

The bacterial cultures we use in MELIOR eco cleaners are harvested from wild forests and the natural world. They undergo a natural fermentation process, and the enzymes are extracted using yeast, a fungus that naturally grows in soil and on plants. We also choose to use pure essential oils to scent our eco hand wash products - there's nothing like the smell of nature to make you smile from the inside out.

Are your products natural?

Our cleaners and hand wash powders use the power of nature to deliver exceptional results. The eco cleaning range combines bacterial cultures with fully sustainable man made non-toxic green surfactants and our new hand wash gels are over 99% natural. They are all non-toxic, kind to oceans and marine life, fully biodegradable and from renewable sources, unlike palm oil based surfactants like SLS.

Are your products vegan?

Yes and absolutely none of our products have been tested on animals. We are proudly 100% cruelty free.