It’s never easy to beat your own path. Taking the mighty goliaths on your own.

  • Star gazing not navel gazing.

  • We thank our lucky stars, everyday, for MELIOR’s heroes.

    For helping us address the injustices being played out against people with disabilities. For chanting ‘we can do this’ whenever the chips were down. Thank you for your contributions, the after work-work, the support and all the positive vibes.

  • We couldn’t have done it without them.

    Together we have birthed a beautifully kind social enterprise that employs people with disabilities. That supports emerging creative talent in the UK. That believes in making the world in a better place.

    So awesome.

Biles Hendry is an independent branding and design consultancy that uses creativity, strategy and an incredible amount of talent to TEASE OUT A BRAND'S REASON FOR BEING.

They have been absolutely instrumental in bringing MELIOR’s heart and soul to life. A heartfelt thanks to the moon and back goes to the entire team - a passionate, selfless, kind and insanely talented crew whose dedication to world class design has taken our breath away on innumerable occasions.

They are one of the youngest companies to feature in the Design Business Association top 20 British Design Agencies. They are truly outstanding.

A multi-disciplinary visual communications agency, Black Rabbit’s creative genius was behind MELIOR’s visually arresting shoot.

Creatively brave and as sharp as a razor, Alice’s unflinching dedication to all things design brought MELIOR’s tremendous spirit to life. Her brilliant creativity always on point, she and Billie are consummate professionals, achieving the impossible during a pandemic with nary a hair out of place. With a team that has come up through The University of the Arts London or The Royal College, they have some of the best up and coming creatives London has to offer.

Paired with a global professional network set up in London, Paris, Amsterdam & Milan, and countless brands on the CV, their pool of talent and expertise is endless. And it shows.

Evermore Social aka Nicky, specialises in helping eco, ethical and socially responsible businesses to use social media to grow.

She uses her skills, knowledge and experience to help unlock brands positive impact by connecting them with their ideal clients online. Nicky is absolutely passionate about helping changemakers be part of the change she wants to see in the future.

Her sincerity, dedication and ingenuity knows no bounds. She has an incredibly wicked sense of humour and is a brilliant social media master. Nicky is one in a million - we are incredibly fortunate to have her by our side. Without doubt we are one of her biggest fans, we love you Nicky!

Social Playground is an independent creative digital communications agency and content studio.

A creative and digital powerhouse covering all social + content + influencer solutions, they are advocates for diversity and equality and are powered by young creatives full of innovative ideas, excitement and curiosity.

With a finger clearly on the pulse, they visualise future trends and track emerging social platforms to deliver top-level performance across all platforms. Every interaction with Social Playground is filled with energy, ideas and enthusiasm. They put 100% into everything they do - no ask is too big and they are a true joy to work with. Quick thinking, fearless and kind hearted they’re the perfect partner in crime for MELIOR. Together, the world is our oyster.