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How is MELIOR eco?

Unlike other eco cleaners, MELIOR's active ingredients include 12 specially selected bacterial mother strains that don't cause irritation to your skin nor harm to the planet. Fermented in a biological reactor - similar to how soy sauce is made - they are separated through a centrifugal process to create a powerhouse of enzymes and bioactives that cut through everyday problems like grease and stains.


Our popular MELIOR All Purpose Cleaning Hero's unique combination of 3-6 bioactives tackles grease and grime extracts on flat surfaces. Whilst the best selling MELIOR Stain Remover Hero is constructed with longer chains so it works deeper into textiles and fabrics.

Sounds great, but does it work?

Normal cleaning products have one cleaning action, driven by surfactants, whilst MELIOR operates three simultaneous action modes: bacteria, enzymes and sustainable surfactants.


But the proof is always in the pudding - our enzyme formulations are used in the Houses of Parliament and as far as the Burj Khalifa, in Dubai and the Hotel de Paris, Monaco. Plus Virgin Active, KPMG and Eurotunnel.