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I love the sound of a powder-to-gel handwash

Us too! We're really proud it's also eco, 100% plastic free, biodegradable and compostable. And because of it's size they are easy to store under the sink. Banish 5L containers and hard-to-recycle soft plastics from your home forever.

How long does it take to make a new MELIOR eco handwash?

A few minutes. Simply pour into an empty clean bottle, top with 400ml warm water (swirling at intervals) and voila, you're done!​​​​​​​ It's easy...and fun (can't lie!)

How are MELIOR's eco cleaning products better?

Unlike other eco cleaners, MELIOR's active ingredients include 12 specially selected bacterial mother strains that don't cause irritation to your skin, lungs or harm to the planet. Fermented in a biological reactor - similar to how soy sauce is made - they are separated through a centrifugal process to create a powerhouse of enzymes and bioactives that cut through everyday problems like grease and stains.

Our popular MELIOR All Purpose Cleaning Hero's unique combination of 3-6 bioactives tackles grease and grime extracts on flat surfaces. Whilst the best selling MELIOR Stain Remover Hero is constructed with longer chains so it works deeper into textiles and fabrics.

Sounds great, but do eco cleaners really work?

Normal cleaning products have one cleaning action, driven by harsh surfactants that are harmful to aquatic life and irritate the skin. However MELIOR operates three simultaneous eco action modes: bacteria, enzymes and sustainable surfactants.

But the proof is in the pudding - our enzyme formulations are used in the Houses of Parliament and as far as the Burj Khalifa, in Dubai and the Hotel de Paris, Monaco. Plus Virgin Active, KPMG and Eurotunnel.

I see other cleaning products that use bacteria. Are all bacteria alike?


Most of the bacteria-based products you see on the market are chemical products containing ‘generic’ types of bacteria. These products are blended by companies that may not be fully familiar with the challenges of working with bioactives. In all cases, the bacteria are either dead, or if they can manage to survive in the hostile environment, they contribute nothing to the cleaning action of the product.

MELIOR eco cleaners on the hand draw upon the expertise of 20 research scientists and collaborators to hand pick pure cultures of specially selected, highly specialised, incredibly efficient bacterial strains.

What are bioactives and how do they work?

Our bioactives are made from a unique mix of microorganisms that are nature's gifts - bacteria and enzymes. Present in all living things they are invisible to the eye but hard at work around us.

Some of life’s simple pleasures - including wine, yogurt, cheese and sourdough - are thanks to the genius of microorganisms.

Enzymes speed up the breakdown of organic compounds like carbohydrates, fats and proteins. We see them as microscopic pacman - they keep on munching until the dirt, grime and grease is gone.

How are your eco cleaning bioactives peacekeepers?

We see the world in minutia. Trillions of microorganisms inhabit every part of our bodies, from our skin to our gut. Sometimes they cause illness, but generally they live in harmony, performing vital functions essential for survival. Unlike antibacterial cleaners that exterminate every living cell, our naturally powered eco cleaners do not. They are extremely selective and highly efficient, only tackling what they’re designed to remove.

For instance a protease (protein enzyme) will only breakdown proteins such as blood, yoghurt, egg or sweat whilst a lipase (fat enzyme) will takedown fat and grease. They are the true zen peacekeepers of the household microbiome.'