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What are VOCs and is MELIOR VOC free?

Harsh cleaners contain and release VOC’s - airborne toxins that compromise air quality in the home. Mild symptoms include irritation to the eyes, nose, and throat. That's why many contain instructions to ventilate whilst in use, because excessive exposure can lead to chronic health conditions such as asthma or liver damage.


Yes, all MELIOR products are VOC free and contain no carcinogens so you can spray and swipe knowing it’s not doing you or your family any harm.

What do you mean when you say ‘works for hours’?

Bioactives aren't exhausted during a single reaction. They bind to new substances and catalyse the same reaction repeatedly until the job is done.


Bacteria and viruses can stay on surfaces for days or weeks. But lucky for you - thanks to MELIOR’s triple action mode (bioactives, enzymes and sustainable surfactants) - as long as there is dirt, grime and grease, MELIOR will keep working long after you’ve put the bottle away and poured yourself a nice hot cuppa. We call this magic: residual cleaning.

How long does MELIORs residual cleaning action last?

The more porous and the dirtier a surface, the longer the residual activity will last. In fact, the dirtier and the more difficult a surface is to clean, the longer the residual activity of MELIOR’s products will last...up to hours!

Why don’t you need hot water while cleaning with MELIOR?

Chemical cleaners and stain removers work by emulsifying and solubilizing dirt and work best with hot water, but MELIOR doesn't! The full cleaning benefits are achieved using cold to lukewarm water.

Why can’t I buy MELIOR in the store?

To cut costs for you, we are a D2C business (Direct-to-Consumer) so you save costs, while saving the environment. Isn’t that awesome?

Is it possible to see colour and tone variations in ”colourless” MELIOR products?

Yes. It is possible to observe a slight tint and tone variations in our Stain Remover Hero. They can vary anywhere from yellowish to beige to slightly brown. We generally describe the colour as “amber”. This variation comes from the bioactives which have their own variable colouring (from light to dark) depending on many factors during the culture process.

Do I need to change the way I clean using MELIOR?

No, but you can rest assure that cleaning without gloves won't dry your skin or cause any irritation.