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MELIOR isn’t heavily perfumed. Why is that?

Fragrances typically contain a high percentage of VOC’s. They can be damaging to your health, particularly if they are used in a confined space or react with other chemicals to create airborne pollution.


A well known eco brands’ all purpose cleaner, bathroom cleaner and limescale remover contain limonene, a known VOC and allergen that is harmful to animals. We’re also aware some natural and eco brands use essential oils that should be avoided by expectant and lactating mothers.


That’s why MELIOR intentionally use a minimal amount of fragrance - just enough to leave a light fragrance behind.

I used your Bathroom Hero in my bathroom - how do I know it’s having residual action?

It is very difficult to see residual action with the naked eye. But by their very nature, microorganisms will keep on munching up dirt and grime until there is no more.


Our Bathroom Hero uses lactic acid that is created through our top secret bio fermentation process. It keeps limescale at bay whilst ensuring organic waste (soap, body fats etc) don’t get trapped and lead to unsightly growths - like the dreaded pink stuff.

My product smells like eggs? What should I do?

If any MELIOR products begin to smell slightly off it means that the bioactives are losing their cleaning power and you need to order a refill. Each bottle should last on average 12 weeks, longer if stored correctly.

Can MELIOR products trigger irritations or allergic reactions?

No MELIOR products contain allergens or irritants. Surprisingly most people aren’t aware of the many allergens that lurk in their cleaning cupboards. We hope that will change.


FACT: fragrance is one of the most common causes of allergic contact dermatitis in skincare and cleaning products.