Meet Rebecca…

Describe yourself in 3 words

Do you have any skills or talents that people don’t know about?

I feel like it has taken me ages to even think of an answer for this. I don’t think I have any talents that people don’t know about! I love doing yoga, I try to do that most days but I wouldn’t call that talent, I’m no professional!

When did you learn about your talent for illustration? Did anybody in particular help to nurture it?

“I’ve always been interested in art and being a creative person. I studied art at secondary school, fine art at college, and a degree in Design For Publishing.

I think as I’ve grown up I’ve become more aware of what I like and what style I’m drawn to, however, I think the help from teachers definitely made my confidence grow.

I fully came out of my shell by the end of the university in terms of knowing what I enjoy creating and what sort of career I wanted to pursue. Through briefs and competitions at university, I realized that illustration and anything to do with children’s book design or illustrating for magazines is what I would love a career in. It just took me time to discover these things out. As I opened my Etsy shop and made more developments on my Instagram account I realized that this is what I love to do and that I’ve finally figured out my own style.”

What weird food combinations do you most enjoy

“I love ketchup with most things, like pasta or bread. Ketchup with cucumber is strange but great too.”