Do you want your work to be as famous as the Nike swoosh, also designed by a student?

  • Welcome to our design challenge.

  • To mark our entry into luxe retail, we want to elevate the MELIOR bottle through new innovation.

    We want to make the bottle a talking point, the hero of our story and a must-have item.

  • Aimed at the discerning 30+ year old audience who appreciate beauty, style and a touch of high class luxury in their lives, we already have a foot in the door with retailers such as Selfridges, Fortnum & Mason and Harrods. And we will only take the best ideas to them.

    Perhaps it could be yours.

A plastic free brief

Plastic pollution will wreak havoc on our lives and earth for generations to come.

Living a less disposable lifestyle is crucial for our well-being. That's why we say no to plastic. No to waste and yes to materials that can be infinitely recycled if need be.

Read the full brief
  • Zero Waste

    Think about what makes our brand unique and how your design improves MELIOR’s commitment to zero waste.

  • Multi-functional

    Your design solution can be used interchangeably as a cleaning product, hand wash, stain removal or body lotion product.

  • Impact

    Innovation and clever design is at the heart of our brand. We want elevate the bottle, make it a talking point, the hero of our story and a must-have item.

Recommended Approach

1. Research: Market analysis, and look at eco trends with our target user in mind

2. Conceptualise: Brainstorm and sketch your shortlisted designs

3. Select Materials: Consider sustainability and functionality

4. Consider shape and ergonomics: Your design solution must be also user-friendly

5. Shortlist 5 ideas: Using aesthetic appeal as your lens, maximise impact on shelf for our target audience in the types of stores MELIOR will be in e.g. Harrods, Liberty, Selfridges.

6. Prototype your final design: Produce artwork, digital 3D models. We will need to see it from 5 different angles.

*Please read the competition terms & conditions

Submission Requirements

Please submit your artist statement, final design and a video with a 500-1000 word supporting statement to by 31 May 2024

Shortlist will be revealed on Friday 14 June and
the winner will be crowned on 28 June 2024

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