Voted Best Sustainable Beauty Brand

Voted best sustainable beauty brand

There's a lot that can make a beauty product sustainable in some capacity: the packing materials, the carbon emissions required, sustainably-sourced and ethically-supplied ingredients. In short, there's a lot to consider, which is why we created a long list detailing our favourite sustainable beauty brands and what makes them the most sustainable products on the market.

The word "sustainable" can often be found sandwiched alongside other terms like "eco-friendly", "clean", and "organic," but a natural product isn't necessarily sustainable and vice versa. Many companies also don't always elaborate on the word, making it confusing to know what certain brands are actually doing to contribute to a more sustainable future.

Zero Waste Week data revealed that, in 2018, the global beauty industry contributed more than 120 billion units worth of waste, most of which were not recyclable. That's a lot of waste. But while it's been slow moving, the beauty industry has made some progress to become more sustainable thanks to pressure coming from many different sides. Concerned scientists helped expose the environmental damage caused by microbeads and chemical UV blockers, resulting in government bans and restrictions on the harmful ingredients. New brands who launched with a fully sustainable platform have been so successful, legacy companies have had to take notice. And social media's call-out culture has put a spotlight on brands who aren't being considerate of the environment whether that's by over-packaging products, not using biodegradable ingredients, or using shady sourcing. While call-out culture is entirely controversial and harmful in many ways, one good it's done is helped pressure beauty brands into being more accountable for their contribution to protecting the environment.

Although we don't want our beloved beauty products to go anywhere anytime soon, we do want them to be more environmentally friendly and considerate. There are plenty of things you can easily change in your current routine at home in an effort to make it sustainable — taking shorter showers and stop using cotton buds (which doctors would love you to do anyway), cotton pads, and makeup wipes, for instance — it can be difficult to know where to turn when you want to invest in new products. That's why, if you want to be more conscious when making beauty product buying decisions, we rounded up some of the best sustainable beauty brands you can buy in the UK. From the basics, such as reusable makeup-removing pads, to little luxuries like refillable metal makeup compacts, there's definitely a more sustainable option out there if you look hard enough — or in this case, scroll through our roundup.

Keep reading to see which beauty brands are currently doing the most when it comes to sustainable products, so you can shop without contributing to the shocking landfill statistics.


Melior means 'better' in Latin and that's exactly what the brand have set out to achieve. Not only is the eco cleaning brand completely zero waste, they're also on a mission to clean up injustice in the work place too. They've just launched the UK's first luxury powder-to-gel eco hand wash (£15), made with vegan, natural plant based, and biodegradable ingredients, as well as 100 percent plastic free packaging. Not only does each bottle sold help make the planet a better place, it also creates a job for people with disabilities.


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