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Melior Eco Hand Wash – Lemongrass & Thyme

Melior Eco Hand Wash - Lemongrass & Thyme

I’m so pleased to be able to introduce to you a new company to me  – Melior. They have sent me a sample of their hand wash, nothing new there you might think but you’d be wrong dear reader, for this is a hand wash with a huge difference as it is the UK’s first luxury powder-to-gel eco hand wash. I received a glass bottle and a refill pouch containing in the lovely uplifting fragrance of lemongrass & thyme. It is also available in sweet clementine & lavender, which also sounds lovely. All I had to do was put the pouch contents in the glass bottle, add water and there you have your hand wash! This silky soft hand wash contains soothing Aloe Vera to nourish your skin and is also suitable for sensitive skin. It is free of SLS, parabens and harsh surfactants and is scented with natural essential oils.

The company have come up with what seems to me to be the perfect hand wash solution, so when you are ready to refill there is no need for additional plastic packaging or waste. I love the ethos of the company as they exist to make a difference, believing it is our responsibility to make the world a better place. Which is why as a company, everything they do is better. Better for you, me and the planet. Melior have 3 brilliant reasons to try and get you to switch:

  1. 100% plastic free.
  2. Made with vegan, natural plant based, biodegradable ingredients. Non-toxic with no chemical nasties. 
  3. Provides jobs for people with disabilities.

The following is taken from Melior’s website:

It’s 2023.

Why are we still surrounded by endless bottles of plastic?

Why do popular eco cleaning products contain allergens and irritants, or are toxic for our rivers and oceans?

Why are people with disabilities twice as likely to lose their jobs.

A dream.

Melior means ‘better’ in Latin.

We choose 100% better plastic free packaging, and our much-loved products are better because they won’t harm you or your family. We also choose to employ the most vulnerable in society.

Why? Because we can. And that’s our dream – an inspiring heart-felt business for good.

A collective.

And this story needs you.

Together we can clean a window – and make the world a better place. Wipe a sink – and change someone’s life. Remove a wine stain – and help save the planet.

Join us. Demand change. Make a difference.

We see greatness. MELIOR wants to give those with disabilities the chance to show their abilities. Because working lifts lives, builds resilience and increases self-belief. Making our products makes a difference. So does buying them. It buys a working day for those who have been overlooked. And that’s what we work for. Every working day.

All profits from MELIOR are reinvested to employ people with disabilities and long term health conditions.

We thank our lucky stars, everyday, for MELIOR’s heroes.

For helping us address the injustices being played out against people with disabilities. For chanting ‘we can do this’ whenever the chips were down. Thank you for your contributions, the after work-work, the support and all the positive vibes.

 We couldn’t have done it without them. 

Together we have birthed a beautifully kind social enterprise that employs people with disabilities. That supports emerging creative talent in the UK. That believes in making the world in a better place. So awesome.

If more companies & people shared Melior’s ethos, our world would be a better place to live in.

Price: £14.95 | Visit: www.meliorlondon.uk